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Explaining the World of Coffee

6 Signs You Are Addicted To Coffee

 Feb 05, 2018  0  Coffee, caffeine, Withdrawal, Morning Coffee, Detox

If the thought of having coffee gets you up in the morning or not getting any cup throughout the day makes you anxious, then you might be addicted to coffee.

A normal dependence on caffeine may not be lethal in the sense that it won’t harm your health like drugs, but it is never good to feel like you need caffeine to function in your everyday life.

Apart from everyone at your favorite café knowing you by name, here are a few other subtle signs that might indicate that you are addicted to coffee and most importantly, how you can recover from it.

What is Decaf Coffee?

 Dec 14, 2017  0  caffeine, Decaf Coffee, Decaffeination

What comes into your mind when someone says coffee? A hot cup of caffeine?

Well did you know you can get coffee without the caffeine?

Yes, thousands of people around the world drink decaf coffee to get the authentic bittersweet taste of coffee without all the heebie-jeebies you get from caffeine.

Despite what you think, it’s a smart way to control the amount of caffeine you consume.

Now you must be asking yourselves, what is decaf coffee and how much caffeine does it contain?

7 Different Types of Coffee Explained

 Oct 10, 2017  0  Coffee, popular coffee in Nepal, caffeine, make coffee

Do you get confused by all the choices available at your local coffee shop and always end up ordering the same thing? Or are you an adventurous person and try something new?

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