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Explaining the World of Coffee

Why Doesn't the Coffee I Make at Home Taste As Good (As The Coffee in a Café)?

 Oct 30, 2017  0  Coffee at home, coffee at cafe, coffee beans, grind and dose, coffee training, kaffeine coffee school, water temperature, coffee equipments

So you bought some coffee beans and a fancy coffee maker. The machine will do all the work, you thought.

We can imagine your face as you drink your coffee, which is definitely not the happy face it should have been. In fact, it looks more like you have just eaten bitter gourd.

Truly, there is nothing more awful than a bad cup of coffee. It is disappointing on a whole different level.

If this sounds familiar to you then you probably want to know why the coffee you made at home doesn’t taste as good as the coffee in a cafe.

8 Reasons Why You Should Take Barista Training

 Oct 26, 2017  0  Barista Training, job in Nepal, coffee school, Barista Career, Coffee Career, Job Abroad

When it comes to coffee, there are two types of people: the first one is someone who needs an ample amount of coffee before they can go about their daily lives. Then there are baristas, who keep themselves surrounded with coffee and people all day long!

7 Different Types of Coffee Explained

 Oct 10, 2017  0  Coffee, popular coffee in Nepal, caffeine, make coffee

Do you get confused by all the choices available at your local coffee shop and always end up ordering the same thing? Or are you an adventurous person and try something new?

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To contribute to the current coffee ecosystem, Academy Of Specialty Coffee has started Coffee School aiming to provide the best coffee education in the country.

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