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8 Qualities That Make You Fit For a Coffee Job

 Jan 21, 2018  0  Coffee Job, Barista Job, Learn Coffee, Barista Qualities, Barista Work, Barista Skill, Great Barista  Kaffeine Coffee School

If you are confused whether or not to take barista training and start making great coffee for strangers everyday, you have come to the right place!

In addition to being able to make awesome coffee, there are other major qualities that you need to possess if you want to make it big as a barista. And if you have not taken up barista training yet, here are 8 reasons why you should!

But first, do you know what a barista does all day long?

Among other things, they have to

  • Make and serve different types of coffee and tea beverages according to the menu offered

  • Maintain a clean work station including coffee machines, cups, saucers, etc.

  • Follow any health and safety guidelines proposed by the establishment

  • Interact with different types of customers all day

So what kind of person does it take to do all the above and still remain sane?

You are an excellent listener

One of the first qualities that you need to have to be a great barista is to be an excellent listener: a barista has to listen closely to what the customers’ needs really are and what kind of coffee they want.

Throughout the day, there will be many customers who will want no milk in their coffee, or no creamer, or no sugar. Basically, they will just have you create their own kind of coffee beverage and you have to listen to them, and many times, their stories as well!

You love being around people

A barista is someone who has to spend most of their days surrounded by a lot of coffee, and lot more people.

Just like any service job, to be a good barista is to be able to interact with people and be nice to them no matter how rude they may be.

Staying friendly and not being tired of yet another customer who wants a custom drink at the end of a 8 hour shift takes a special kind of person.

You are customer-focused

A good barista should be willing to deliver exceptional customer service no matter what the customer is like.

Customers can sometimes, or regularly be nightmares but a great barista knows how to knock themselves out of the nightmare and put the stress away with a sweet smile and a cup of delicious coffee.

You are fast and efficient

With all the things a barista has to do all day, he or she must be fast and efficient.

No one wants a lousy cup of coffee in a minute, or awesome coffee after an hour - a great barista has the ability to be fast with their work, and yet skilled enough to ensure that bad coffee is never served to a customer.

You have great attention to detail

Meticulousness is key to being a good barista, as each type of coffee requires a different combination of ingredients.

Being able to pay attention to even the smallest details when making intricate latte art or using just the right amount of everything ensures a great cup of coffee and a happy customer!

You are able to work well under pressure

There are basically two types of people: some who go nuts like the sky is falling when there’s just a hint of pressure and some people who have mastered the art of staying calm even in the worst of situations.

Which one do you think is better suited to be a barista? The latter one, of course!

Basically a great barista not only possesses the skill of making delightful coffee but also remaining super cool under intense pressure.

You are willing to learn & improve

No one is perfect and even good baristas make mistakes time to time, especially when there are so many people to attend to, and so many different types of coffees to make.

Just like with any other job, to be a great barista you need to learn to minimize your mistakes and learn from them.

You can make great coffee.. or learn how to!

Oh yes, the ultimate quality one has to have to be fit for a coffee job, or a barista is to be able to make great coffee.

Interested? Then we have great news for you!

Kaffeine Coffee School offers Nepal’s most exciting and comprehensive coffee education courses starting with a basic barista course for beginners and a latte art course for intermediates who want to take their skills further.

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