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7 Myths About Coffee Debunked

 Jan 21, 2018  0  Coffee Myths, Coffee Facts  Kaffeine Coffee School

Are you finding it hard to enjoy your morning coffee when you keep on hearing rumours about how coffee is bad for you? Let’s debunk those myths so that you can enjoy your daily dose of caffeine without thinking twice!

Myth: Coffee sobers you up

Fact: Coffee will not sober you up, instead it gives you an energy boost making you feel awake and aware of your surroundings.

Although the idea of drinking coffee to ‘sober up’ is completely false, it can “cure” hangovers by stimulating your central nervous system and improving your focus.

Myth: Coffee dehydrates you

Fact: This myth most likely comes from the fact that coffee (or caffeine) is classified as diuretic. A diuretic substance is anything that causes you to urinate more (a good example of a diuretic is beer).

Although caffeine does have a mild effect that will make you urinate more, research shows that drinking coffee will not actually cause dehydration if taken in moderate amounts.

Myth: Coffee causes insomnia

Fact: Although coffee can disrupt your sleep cycle, it will not directly cause insomnia when taken at suitable times.

Caffeine stays in our body and has a stimulating effect for up to 6 hours. This means drinking coffee up to 3 in the noon should not keep you wide awake at night.

Have you heard about coffee naps? Instead of only drinking coffee or taking a nap for energy boost, next time try taking a power nap after a cup of coffee for an extra boost!

Caffeine takes about 20 minutes to kick in so when you drink coffee and sleep for 20 minutes, you will wake up fresher and with more energy than a single cup of coffee or a short nap ever will.

Myth: Coffee is bad for pregnant women

Fact: The exact effects of caffeine on pregnant women aren’t known since studies have revealed conflicting results. Until then scientists have said that it is okay for pregnant women to consume up to 150 to 300 milligrams of caffeine a day.

Keep in mind though that caffeine is also present in other items other than coffee such as chocolates, soft drinks, etc.

Myth: Darker roasted coffee is stronger

Fact: Darker roasted coffee has a richer taste, but since they are roasted longer they lose some mass and caffeine in comparison to lighter roasts. Light roasted coffee is, in fact, denser and has more caffeine!

Myth: Coffee helps to lose weight

Fact: It doesn’t. Put on your running shoes and hit the gym if you want to lose weight. Drinking coffee before a workout improves your performance and that in itself will help you lose weight.

Hey, we just found a loophole in this myth!

Myth: Coffee is addictive

Fact: Well, we have to admit there’s some truth in this. Yes, caffeine is a little addictive but it won't have the same addictive effects on you like say, drugs.

At most, caffeine withdrawal can last a few bad days and a lot of headaches depending on your caffeine intake but is a lot less severe than other types of addiction.

We like to call it caffeine dependence rather than an addiction, don’t you?

Ready to start your coffee training?

Now that we’ve busted some coffee myths maybe it’s time to start learning more about coffee, specifically how to brew a cup yourself!

Kaffeine Coffee School’s basic barista training classes and latte art training classes can help you become an amazing barista, whether it’s to start your own coffee shop or if you are a student preparing to go abroad.

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