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11 Ways To Use Your Leftover Brewed Coffee

 Jan 21, 2018  0  Brewed Coffee, Coffee Ice Cubes, Iced Coffee, Coffee Uses, Leftover Coffee  Kaffeine Coffee School

How many times have you poured leftover brewed coffee down the drain, or the garbage bin thinking about what a waste it was?

Did you know that there are many ways you can use your leftover coffee?

Coffee Ice Cubes

Freeze some leftover coffee in an ice tray!

Coffee ice cubes are a delicious frozen treat on their own. You can add this to iced coffee instead of regular ice as they won’t leave a watery taste when they melt.

Iced Coffee

While most people tend to overlook this possibility, it is one of the easiest ways to prepare iced coffee!

All you have to do is grab a jug and keep storing all the leftover coffee in the fridge. Drop in some ice cubes, or your newly made coffee ice cubes, add some milk and there you have it, a cup of rich and delicious iced coffee in an instant!

Water Your Plants

Some plants like to be showered with more acidic liquids like coffee!

Some plants that need rich acid soil are tulip, marigold, parsley, and peppers among others. If you have such plants, feel free to pour your leftover coffee into their pots to provide them with the acidity they require.

A little coffee can go a long way so be careful to not pour too much into the soil.

Create “Antique” Paper

People who love to do DIY art and craft will love this tip!

Did you know that you can use leftover coffee to paint white paper so that it looks antique and rustic? It is perfect to create modern day art with an antique touch!

You can make invitations out of it to impress your guests, or frame and hang it on the wall, or even design an ancient Egyptian papyrus for fun.

Dye Fabric

Much like the paper art, you can also use leftover coffee to stain clothes for a unique look.

Coffee is a great option to use as a simple fabric dye and you can use it to transform your plain old clothes into an antique looking piece which will make all your friends jealous!

Remove Scratches From Furniture

If your furniture and wooden floors are very old, chances are they might have scratches from years of use. What to do now? Use the magic of your leftover coffee!


Apply some coffee to the scratches, it will give the ugly scratches a darker finish for a that will give it a fresher look.

Stain Wood

Instead of rushing to the hardware store and buying wood stain all the time, try staining the woods doing the same with coffee!

As above, you can also use coffee to stain any kind of wood for a dark and rich finish, not just scratched furniture. For much deeper stains, you have to reapply many times to get your desired color.

Clean Your Grill

Sessions after sessions of family barbecue nights ensured that you had fun. But your grills may be caked with grease, which can be very hard to clean.


Have you ever tried cleaning the grills with coffee? If not, you have to try it right now!

Coffee contains chlorogenic acid which cuts through the grease and makes it easy to wipe and clean.

Wash Your Dishes

(Technically this tip is for brewed grounds rather than leftover brewed coffee.)

Old coffee grounds are one of the best substances you can use to clean your dishes!

But watch out, make sure to quickly wash them with dish soap otherwise all your dishes will be smelling like coffee (which isn’t so bad, is it?).


If you make compost at home, coffee can be a nice addition.

Brewed coffee or coffee grounds is high in nitrogen, which worms' love! You still need to give it some time for the coffee to break down before using it as fertilizer on your plants.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Okay, this is yet another use for old coffee grounds instead of leftover coffee.

Everybody needs to exfoliate their skin once in awhile, so why not choose a natural item to clean out all the dirt? Scrubbing with coffee grounds mixed with a little olive oil will clean out dirt and dead skin, and moisturize it!

Make The Most Out Of Your coffee!

Who would have thought you could take so many benefits from the leftover coffee your pour down the drain? So next time you don’t finish your coffee, you know what to do.

What Leftovers? I Don’t Know How To Brew Coffee!

If you’re looking for an excuse to have more leftover coffee or just want to learn how to brew an “actual” cup of coffee, then give us a call at 977-1-4413425.

Kaffeine Coffee School offers Nepal’s best coffee education experience with experienced trainers and quality equipments for you to practice on.

Let’s start brewing some awesome coffee together!


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