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Explaining the World of Coffee

Guide To Buying The Best Coffee Maker

 Feb 05, 2018  0  French Press, Drip Coffee, Single Serve, Espresso Maker, Coffee Maker, Coffee Machine

The best part of brewing coffee at home is being able to experiment with different coffee making techniques. But did you know that having the right equipment to brew coffee is as important as buying the right type of beans?

6 Signs You Are Addicted To Coffee

 Feb 05, 2018  0  Coffee, caffeine, Withdrawal, Morning Coffee, Detox

If the thought of having coffee gets you up in the morning or not getting any cup throughout the day makes you anxious, then you might be addicted to coffee.

A normal dependence on caffeine may not be lethal in the sense that it won’t harm your health like drugs, but it is never good to feel like you need caffeine to function in your everyday life.

Apart from everyone at your favorite café knowing you by name, here are a few other subtle signs that might indicate that you are addicted to coffee and most importantly, how you can recover from it.

11 Ways To Use Your Leftover Brewed Coffee

 Jan 21, 2018  0  Brewed Coffee, Coffee Ice Cubes, Iced Coffee, Coffee Uses, Leftover Coffee

How many times have you poured leftover brewed coffee down the drain, or the garbage bin thinking about what a waste it was?
Did you know that there are many ways you can use your leftover coffee?

7 Myths About Coffee Debunked

 Jan 21, 2018  0  Coffee Myths, Coffee Facts

Are you finding it hard to enjoy your morning coffee when you keep on hearing rumours about how coffee is bad for you? Let’s debunk those myths so that you can enjoy your daily dose of caffeine without thinking twice!

Types of Coffee Beans & Roasts

 Jan 21, 2018  0  Arabica Bean, Robusta Bean, Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Coffee Roasting, Coffee Blends

Confused about the different types of coffee beans and roasts available?
You’re not alone.
Even though coffee is one of the most loved and consumed beverages in the world, not many coffee drinkers understand how much difference the choice of beans used makes.

8 Qualities That Make You Fit For a Coffee Job

 Jan 21, 2018  0  Coffee Job, Barista Job, Learn Coffee, Barista Qualities, Barista Work, Barista Skill, Great Barista

If you are confused whether or not to take barista training and start making great coffee for strangers everyday, you have come to the right place!

In addition to being able to make awesome coffee, there are other major qualities that you need to possess if you want to make it big as a barista. And if you have not taken up barista training yet, here are 8 reasons why you should!

But first, do you know what a barista does all day long?

What is Decaf Coffee?

 Dec 14, 2017  0  caffeine, Decaf Coffee, Decaffeination

What comes into your mind when someone says coffee? A hot cup of caffeine?

Well did you know you can get coffee without the caffeine?

Yes, thousands of people around the world drink decaf coffee to get the authentic bittersweet taste of coffee without all the heebie-jeebies you get from caffeine.

Despite what you think, it’s a smart way to control the amount of caffeine you consume.

Now you must be asking yourselves, what is decaf coffee and how much caffeine does it contain?

6 Tips to Buy & Store Coffee Beans

 Dec 14, 2017  0  Ground Coffee, Coffee Bean, Coffee Storage

So you went to get a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop, and you decided to treat yourself with a great bag of coffee beans so you can brew up a cup at home.

But do you know how to spot good coffee beans and how to store them? If you already didn’t know, only good beans and proper storage make for a good cup of coffee.

Luckily for you, today we’re going to share some of our secrets on how to buy the best coffee beans, and some tips on how to store them!

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Latte Art

 Nov 22, 2017  0  Barista Training, Latte Art, Latte Training, Latte Techniques

If you are a latte or a cappuccino lover, then it's safe to assume that at some point you've looked at the lovely design made on top and thought to yourself, "How do they do that?"

Pouring steamed-milk and coffee designs on top of your milky coffee beverages isn't exactly rocket science, but it can be tricky to get your hands around the fluid dynamics of milk and coffee.

Why Doesn't the Coffee I Make at Home Taste As Good (As The Coffee in a Café)?

 Oct 30, 2017  0  Coffee at home, coffee at cafe, coffee beans, grind and dose, coffee training, kaffeine coffee school, water temperature, coffee equipments

So you bought some coffee beans and a fancy coffee maker. The machine will do all the work, you thought.

We can imagine your face as you drink your coffee, which is definitely not the happy face it should have been. In fact, it looks more like you have just eaten bitter gourd.

Truly, there is nothing more awful than a bad cup of coffee. It is disappointing on a whole different level.

If this sounds familiar to you then you probably want to know why the coffee you made at home doesn’t taste as good as the coffee in a cafe.

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